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How to Get Her Number in Thirty Seconds

by Pete Waters

Here is a fantastic article on the value of being direct from our friend Marni over at The Wing Girl Method.  The direct approach used by Marni’s student here just radiates the highly attractive qualities of confidence and — most importantly — authenticity

Go read it now, and then come back here so we can discuss it…

OK, good, you’re back.  Why did I link to this article?  Here’s why:  after reading it, you might be thinkng…

That Just Isn’t Possible!…


… to which I answer…wanna bet?

A lot of guys reading about what Marni’s client did will think, “That just isn’t possible.”  Our response to that is to apply Clarke’s Second Law: “The only way of discovering the limits of the possible is to venture a little way past them into the impossible.”

So, you ask, how do I do that?  Here’s how.

First, buy Mode 1: Let the Women Know What You’re REALLY Thinking, by Alan Roger Currie.  This eye-opening and surprisingly short book — which can be read in one sitting — is by far the best and most time-efficient means that we at AskRomeo have found to introduce our male clients to the value, strength, and effectiveness of being direct and authentic in their interactions with women.  In fact, this book is required reading for any of our clients before they participate in our bootcamps or coaching programs

Second, get some coaching!  Dating and interacting with women are experiential processes.   The only way to get better is to go out and do it.   Just reading books and surfing through dating-coaching websites and Facebook pages will not work.  As AskRomeo coach Allen says, “Trying to get better at dating and relationships by reading about them is like trying to get in better shape by reading about working out.”


OK, Pete… So How Do I Do That?

At this point you might be expecting a sales pitch.  And you’re about to get something like that, but probably not in the way you expect.

Here’s the deal.  We at AskRomeo teach that men should approach dating from a mindset of abundance, vice the more-common mindset of scarcity.  Men who approach dating from a mindset of scarcity think that are only so many beautiful, attractive, desirable women out there…   That such women are scarce and occur only in limited numbers.  So when they see a beautiful, attractive, desirable woman, they think, “I’ve got to compete for her and capture her attention before some other guy — my competition — cuts me out of the loop.”  This leads to selfish, inauthentic, and ultimately unattractive (and therefore ultimately self-defeating) behavior on the part of many men.

At AskRomeo, we view dating from a perspective of abundance.  We know that, since we live in and near a major city (Washington, DC), that there are actually more beautiful, attractive, desirable women around us than we could ever possibly date.  We will actually not live long enough to date all the awesome women that live in a vibrant town like Washington, New York, or Los Angeles.  When viewed from that perspective, the supply of women that we might want to date is effectively infinite.

At AskRomeo, we approach our business of dating coaching the same way.  We know that, in the United States, there are actually more men and women who need dating advice and coaching than we could ever offer it to.  Because of that, we also consider our customer base to be effectively infinite.  From this business mindset of abundance, we have no problem referring potential clients to our friends and colleagues in the dating-coaching industry with whom we agree on coaching methods and overall philosophy.

So, if you’re in the Washington, DC or mid-Atlantic region and want dating coaching, then, by all means, sign up for our newsletter or contact us .  That’s what we’re here for!  But if you’re not in our local area… Well, we’d love your business of, course, but improving the quality of peoples’ dating lives is more important.  (In fact, that’s our company Mission Statement.)  We realize that it wouldn’t be optimum for you to fly all the way to DC, and learn your way around the DC social scene, if you actually live someplace else.

So, if you’re in the Southern California area, look up Marni at The Wing Girl Method.  If you’re in New York, look up our buddies AJ and Jordan at The Art of Charm.   If you’re in Ohio, contact Bill Gladwell.  If you think you’re ready for some intense, graduate-level work and are willing to travel to San Francisco, contact Brian, Decker and Robbie at The Authentic Man Program.  

(Just make sure, wherever you go, that you’ve read Mode One first.  And while you’re at it, buy and download the classic Double Your Dating by the master, David DeAngelo.)

What you’d get from these friends of ours is not 100% identical to what you’d get from us, but our programs are basically different dishes in the main cuisine.  We know you’ll like what they teach you if you can’t make it to DC to work with AskRomeo.

But, if you are reasonably close to Washington, DC… feel free to contact us.

So, Let’s Review…

How do you get her number in thirty seconds?  Easy: 

1.  Read Mode One, and then

2.  Get some coaching!

Until next time,


Like this post?  Comment below and let us know what you think!  (And don’t forget to comment on Marni’s post as well.)

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DISCLAIMER: We are not licensed to practice psychology, and AskRomeo.com coaching is not intended to replace psychological counseling, but is simply a dating philosophy and set of best-practices based on our own experiences and those of thousands of men and women.